Process with space in front of name


Hi over there…

I need your help. I’ve seen a lot of topics talking about process names with space in the name, but not in front of it.

I have to monitor à windows service with nsclient, that has a space in front of the name.

" update.exe".

Does anybody know how to do it?

I’ve tried with double quote (""), with simple quote (’’) but nothing worked…

Thanks for your help…



Hmm, did you try by full path or just include the trailing ‘’?

Perhaps it’s not a space but another unprintable character?


Hi mmestnik,

Thank you for your comment.

Nagios is comparing the name from the task manager, so the full path would not work for this.

It could be that it is not a blank character, but I don’t know which one.

It’s really annoying, 'coz I really need to monitor these process…

Any further help would be appreciated…




I’ve had success with the RDP client provided with samba 3.3.0 and above. There was a registry key that needed to be disabled so Samba could use an older authentication method, but temporarily just to probe for the true service name should be OK.

I used RDP client successfully in Event Handlers to restart ColdFusion and Java.

Another option might be to get the same information via SNMP, Ive found %90 of what is in the task manager is exposed by SNMP Informant.