Question 2: Firewall Monitoring


How do I set up Firewall Monitoring. In the help files it lists:

How to monitor a Windows machine
How to monitor a Linux/Unix machine
How to monitor a Netware server
How to monitor a network printer
How to monitor a router/switch
How to monitor a publicly available service (HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.)

But I dont see firewalls… any ideas, or a howto thread?

Thanks again!

Running Nagios 3.0


what exactly do you want to monitor about firewall? since you have windows background and I work mainly on unixes I cannot really help you if we are talking windows, however let us know what exactly you want to monitor and maybe we will find a way together.


I just want to know if the firewalls go down… and I see no other way to check that. Since Nagois is setup to test internal IP’s.


can you define “firewalls” - is that a linux/unix box or some embedded device? You can check conectivity to see if the link to the wan is established


I have multiple Watchguard Fireboxes. THese are not linux machines, but hardware firewalls.



Not sure if you solved this yet or not. I actually created a new config file for my firewalls (copied the switch.cfg and removed everything but the PING test). Since all I am checking is to see if they are up or not. This has worked great for me.