Question 5: Report Trends, Host and Service, no Authorizatio


I am logged in as nagiosadmin, yet no matter what trend I try to do, whether i be on localhost or a windows server, get the following message:

It appears as though you are not authorized to view information for the specified host…

Any ideas?



Same problem here :slight_smile:

Socom > nagios 3.0?


Yes Nagios 3.0 as well. Sorry should have added that to the other questions as well.


Ditto - Nagios 3.0 :\


After a bit of research it appears its a known bug in Nagios 3.0RC3. (Reported at: … user/53228)

I’ve downgraded to Nagios 3.0RC2 and can confirm trends is working. To downgrade just do the following:

wget … rc2.tar.gz
tar -xzf nagios-3.0rc2.tar.gz
./configure --with-command-group=nagcmd (or whatever group you created upon installation
make && make install

Should be good… if you need help hit me up at [email protected]


yup, that fixed it! 1 problem down, 4 more to go :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help!


Do we know where this problem stemmed from? I’d like to make it work, but I don’t want to move backward from 3.0 stable to 3.0rc2.