Question about notifications


I’m not shure if this works like it should work, or if this any kind of configuartion problem on my server.
I’m configured as a contact for a service and also for the depending host. I get notifications for this service. That’s ok.
But for another host, with the same service I get also notifications. But I’m not a contact for the host. I’m not interssted in service problems when I’m not a contact of the host.
How can I stop this?


Probably you’re using templates. Maybe your contact is defined in a contact_groups that belongs to a whole template for those services. Check that. If so, specify the contactgroup in each service separately, it will override the contat_group setting of a template.


I’m using nagiosQL and don’t know to much about the config files…
I checked this, but I don’t use templates. The file /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/templates.cfg out of the nagios.cfg does not exist.
But what do you think how it should work? Maybe it works like designed


I checked the configuration and now I think it work as designed.
define host {
host_name ServerA
contact_groups nt-admins
define host {
host_name ServerB
contact_groups HP-Admins

define service {
hostgroup_name Basis,Exchange,FaxServer,NT4-DCs
service_description DiskSpaceD
contact_groups HP-Admins,nt-admins

define hostgroup {
hostgroup_name NT4-DCs
members ServerA, ServerB

with this configuration HP-Admins are informed if DiskspaceD is low on ServerA. HP-Admins are not contacts of ServerA, but they are contacts of ServerB in the same hostgroup and that seemed to be enough to be informed.