Questions about upgraded 1.4.1 to 2.10


Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

My employer has asked me to investigate and plan how to upgrade our Nagios 1.4.1 install to 2.10. I’m pretty much a Nagios (and Uni:evil: neophyte, so detailed answers/explanations are truly appreciated. (meaning = I’ve done one install of Nagios 2.10 on a Ubuntu box at home, and even that I needed help with)

1.) Where can I find a document that will show/compare the differences between 1.x and 2.x ?? ( preferably in an easy to read side-by-side layout??)

2.) barring the above, any forum threads or advice on what the biggest “gotcha’s” are upgrading 1.x to 2.x ??

We have a lot of custom configs and tweaks to our existing 1.4.1 install of Nagios,… so my plan at the moment is to NOT upgrade the 1.4.1 box, but instead to build a new (seperate) box with Nagios 2.10 and slowly port over our configs (cleaning them as I go) so that our new box is more “standard” and not so messy.

Does that sound like a reasonable plan?.. or is there a better one ?




maybe it might help you:
we did the same thing a few months ago: we were on nagios 1.2 and we upgraded to 2.10.

We did as you guessed: installed a new nagios in an other folder, and ported our config line by line in the new nagios.
And yes, the new install was a lot cleaner and more standard!

as for your other questions, I can’t really help you:
the only listing of differences I know is the changelog: … #changelog
which is not really useful (except if you have a few hours to spend reading it :))
Also, the install is straight forward; you shouldn’t have more difficulties than with the 1.x versions.

Apart from that, if you have difficulties, don’t hesite to ask precise questions :wink: it will be easier to answer