Random text appearing in NRPE output



I am running Nagios 2.9 and NRPE 2.8.1 under Solaris 10 (client) and CentOS 4.2 (monitoring host) and am experiencing a weird issue when running a custom perl script remotely via NRPE.

Here is the output from NRPE:

root@mon01 libexec# ./check_nrpe2 -H ...** -c check_jms_queues
producers:0 consumers_active:10 consumers_backup:0 consumers_count:0 msgs_ack:0 msgs_avg:0.0 02/12/03 SMI"

The “02/12/03 SMI” bit is not output by my script. It actually seems to be coming from /etc/default/init on the Solaris 10 client. It does not happen when I run the script manually.

I’ve search Google and various forums trying to find anyone else with this issue, but have been unable to. Does anyone know what is causing this seemingly random text to appear in the NRPE output?