Remote check_file_age doesn't notify after critical state



I am relatively new to nagios. I am using check_file_age to make sure that a file is being updated on a regularly basis. I ran a check_file_age on an aged file where nagios is running and nagios promptly notifies me via email after check_file_age reached a hard critical state. However, if I use check_nrpe to run a remote check_file_age, nagios only seems to receive a soft critical state and I never get an email.

My settings for the remote check_file_age service include:

notification_period 24x7 normal_check_interval 3 retry_check_interval 1 notification_options u,w,c,r notifications_enabled 1 notification_interval 15

The nagios ui always shows a CRITICAL error for my test for a very old file, but it also always shows 1/3 attempts.

Has anyone seen this problem before? I am running Nagios 2.9 and NRPE 2.7.




You haven’t set max_check_attempts variable