Remote Host Monitoring

I have NAGIOS up and running smoothly on a FC4 box and I am doing basic connectivity checks for different services on a various range of OS levels.

I have Windows / *nix (Solaris, RHES, FreeBSD, Fedora Core 3/4, and CentOS). I have been able to setup the nsclient on the Windows servers to monitor disks space, services, etc without any issues.

My question is, how are you guys effectively monitoring those same things on your open source boxes? NPRE? If so, what is the best implementation? I haven’t found any solid documentation on how to configure NPRE on a client server and be able to check the objects above from the main NAGIOS box.

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On 'nix boxes, I always use nsca and a mini nagios setup. I will always perform a passive check, rather than an active check. So, this is pretty much a distributed server setup, with ONE central nagios server getting results from all the other 'nix boxes.

if you have few servers being monitored SNMP is the easier solution :slight_smile:
(I still need to take the time to put NSCA at work… ghgh)

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