Remove multiple downtimes directly?


I am on Nagios 3.1.0. I’m not the administrator, but I’d like to approach the administrator with the answer to this question. We added a new group of servers to our nagios environment but we weren’t ready to start monitoring them. So I put them in a downtime of 30 days. Then, one of my coworkers put them in a downtime for 1 year. Then another coworker put every service of every host into a downtime of 1 year.

Basically, it seems like I have to manually delete every single entry of downtime (2000+) which takes 20-30 seconds per.

What I’d like to know is if there is a way to modify the downtime information on the back end. Is there a file which holds all of this information? And can that file be modified directly to remove all of these downtimes based on a search?

Any help would be appreciated.


let it do to the people who added the downtimes… :slight_smile:

Tried a quick search as to where it keeps this info but coldn’t find it… sorry.


got it…

check status.dat (in /usr/local/nagios/var)

it has hostdowntime sections. the host sections need to be changed too i think… anyway the info is all there.