Renamed hosts are not displayed


I apologize in advance if this topic has been discussed somewhere else on this forum, all my searches here (and in Google too) showed no results so in case I am at fault, I would appreciate if someone could point me to the right place.

I’m using Nagios v3.2.0 with hosts configuration splitted in several .cfg files (one file per host) in a dedicated directory.
Recently three of our switches have been renamed so I had to update the information in Nagios configuration files. What I did was to rename each corresponding cfg file and then edited it in order to reflect actual name of the switch (IP addresses did not change). I have restarted Nagios several times but the new names are not being displayed at all and of course, the old ones are gone. I verified the configuration using nagios -v command and I could see nagios verifying all configuration files except the renamed ones. Nagios ignores the renamed files as if they were not present in the directory. The renamed configuration files have the same permissions like the rest of the files in that directory but Nagios keeps ignoring them.

I must admit I’m new to Nagios and perhaps I did this the wrong way, however any help would be appreciated.



check if nagios.cfg looks for all files in a directory or maybe looks for particular files… if this is the case renaming them makes them unavbailable to nagios…