Report on Windows Server Uptime


I’m new to the forum, this is my first post to it. I was wondering if you could help with something
I’ve been asked to do in our company.
We need to produce a report of the uptime of our windows servers that are being monitored in
Nagios (running on Ubuntu).
The information I need is NOT the averages but the actual uptime values so the report will look
something like
Server1 System Uptime - 12 day(s) 0 hour(s) 23 minute(s)
Server2 System Uptime - 52 day(s) 19 hour(s) 34 minute(s)
Server3 System Uptime - 11 day(s) 9 hour(s) 4 minute(s)
And so on.
Can anyone provide any guidelines on this.