Reset Collected state data


Hi All, I am nearing the end of a initial setup of nagios. The system is already setup on the end system I want it running on. What I want to do is to reset all of the data collected and log files so that I can start everything from fresh. I hope this makes sense.



Hi !

yes, it does make sense :slight_smile:
but, for my part: I haven’t found a clean way to do that …

the best I can propose is:
edit your nagios.cfg and comment every services & hosts & hostgroups (except a dummy host+service, in order to reload nagios without errors).

do a nagios reload;
and put them all back afterwards.

nagios will then see all your tests as new ones; and won’t have any data for them (except in history and notifications; but you can delete the nagios.log and the archives dir in nagios-install-dir/var if you want to get rid of them).

Hope this helps ^^

btw: if someone has a better way to do that, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


After a couple of days I have finally gotten back to this and have found the answer. delete the rentention.dat file.