Restarting processes/services?

I’m new to Nagios. I have it installed on RHEL with Apache. Using QMAIL as an example, I’m interested in a way to manually restart qmail if I am notified that the process/service is down via SMS on my cell phone.

I see I can set up an Event Handler, but what if I want to start/stop processes remotely?

Is this possible? Would I have to write an external command script as a service and somehow get it to execute?

Is this something that you could do via the WAP interface? There is also SMSAck which allows you to acknowledge problems via a SMS message which might help: … nagext_pi1[p_view]=190&tx_netnagext_pi1[page]=10%3A10

You would need to be able to send an SMS message to your server. Your server would have to be set up to receive the SMS at a particular path where an application would then execute the proper commands to restart your process/service.

The only way I know how to do this is to use a short code (U.S.) or a long code (U.K.).

The only other way I could think to do it would be to somehow mail it to your server and configure the server to do x, y, and z once it receives a message from your handset. :?:

Hah! Re-reading your post…

That second solution won’t help you if Qmail is down…

Sounds like a great way to do it. The service check you define should be one that will always be OK, no matter what. You would then click on the service link, and then on the “submit passive check result” and change the status to Critical. That critical status will then trigger your event handler. Your event handler will then do a restart on the service.

I think he means he wants to be able to restart the service from his cell phone…I suppose that you could create a WAP server and work it like that somehow…