Returning HTML output in a plugin status message


Hi all-

I’ve googled and checked through the forums here, but so far no luck. I would like to modify a status check script so that it returns HTML output, specifically a link, that could be clicked in the Nagios UI. In this particular case I want to modify the script from Monitoring Exchange so that the serial number actually links to the Dell Warranty info page. Unfortunately when I change the output to have HTML it’s preprocessed by Nagios and so it prints out the HTML as text, for example: < is printed as &lt.

The only other reference to anyone trying to do this that I found was this thread on the Debian bug tracker which they marked as wontfix since it’s an upstream issue with Nagios.

Is anyone else doing this? Is there anything simple I can do to make this work? I’m sure I could dig into the Nagios source and turn off where it converts the plugin output to be safe, but I’d rather not if there is a simpler way.