Reversed check_file_age


Hello! I’m having some problems with reversing check_file_age command I’ve already changed it source code to the one I need, which is :

Originally check_file_age checks last update of the particular file, and if it exceeds given time it raises warning, then critical

I needed command, which will raise warning ( or critical - whatever - it just has to appear as an alert ) if the file was updated.

That is why I changed the code of the check_file_age, i changed it name and put it in the libexec filder on the server, where Nagios resides

Then I created new service for monitoring this particular file with my new nrpe command, and I did the same on NSClient providing new command and the path to the file

but unfortunatley on Nagios it shows Unknown error : No handler for that command

Any ideas?



isn’t the negate plugin enough?