Run command in windows host


Before to begin, sorry for my english. I´ll try to do my post understandable.
I´m a new user of Nagios so i´m a rookie. I hope that, with time, i can help this community.
Well, my problem.
I installed Nagios in Suse 10.3 and i monitorized a application in windows host (XP). I want launch a local handler when this services fail. This handler launch the appllication again when it fails…
I´m lost. What plugin i use? I tried with nrpe and ssh, but i think that this plugins only run with Unix host. However i used both and nothing. The check_by_ssh tell me that the hostaddress isn´t family address support.
What requirements needs? I used the port 5666 tcp, the same port that i use for nsclient. Have i installed anything in remote host?