Run plugin once a year


How to run plugin once a year?
Now I’m running plugin once a day.

[code]define service{
use local-service
host_name localhost
service_description Some Plugin
check_command check_plugin
check_period once-a-day
check_interval 20

define command{
command_name check_plugin
command_line /usr/nagios/plugins/check_plugin.php

define timeperiod{
timeperiod_name once-a-day
alias Once a Day
monday 23:00-23:59
tuesday 23:00-23:59
wednesday 23:00-23:59
thursday 23:00-23:59
friday 23:00-23:59
saturday 23:00-23:59
sunday 23:00-23:59
I run this on 100 hosts, but on some of them this config failed. I hangs after first or second run and in I have this status under Nagios:
Next Scheduled Check: N/A

I don’t know what the problem is?
I need to run plugin once a year and this is very important.

I would like change service_check_timeout dinamicly. I have 60 now. This run-once-a-year plugin need to run almost 1 hour.
How to change service_check_timeout dinamicly for this?


Suggested not elegant workaround:

maybe you can make a very simple script, a wrapper for your one, that would check date and if it comes date for running the script, will run it and pass output?


I was thinking abou this and I want to create plugin with --start parameter where I can specify run date.