Scheduled downtime


I’m a newbie with nagios, and i’ve set 4 servers to monitored with nagios using NSCA (can’t use NRPE for security reasons).

the problem I’m having is that one of the servers have a weekly backup script that shut down the database and the application. I would like to be able to disable notifications
when ever the backup script runs.

The way that I would like to do it is by adding a line to the beginning of the backup script to schedule a downtime, and to the end of the backup script to end the downtime…

but I can’t find a way to do this with NSCA…
the only thing that i’ve found are to create a recurring scheduled downtime with one of the tool at nagiosexchange site and i don’t wish to use that mathod…

Any idea?



Do you have tryied using timeperiod’s string? You can define the check period, for example Monday 0:00-24:00, Tuesday 6:00-24:00 n so on :wink: