Scheduler year problem


Hi everybody!

I use nagios 3.0.6 on ubuntu server 8.04. I have a very strange problem with scheduler…
I check some service on networks printer and I use “workhours” as timeperiod because of the printers are turned of during night, this is a sample of my def:

define host{
        use                  generic-printer                 
        host_name       caafpr01                     
        alias                NRG C7417                       
        address           192.168.XXX.XXX                    
        hostgroups      network-printers                
        parents           caafat01

define service{
        use                          generic-service
        servicegroups           snmpprintsrv
        hostgroup                 network-printers
        service_description   Toner
        check_command       check_printer!public! toner 1 0.2 1.0
        check_period            workhours
        notification_options    w,c
# 'workhours' timeperiod definition
define timeperiod{
        timeperiod_name workhours
        alias           Normal Work Hours
        monday          09:30-17:30
        tuesday         09:30-17:30
        wednesday       09:30-17:30
        thursday        09:30-17:30
        friday          09:30-17:30

The last check was 04-24-2009 17:21:29, but the next check is scheduled for 04-27-**2010 **09:39:55!!!

Have you any suggest?

There is a way to force a new scheduling with a few command? Because I have about 50 printer and I hate to rescheduler one by one :smiley:

With 27x7 timeperiod I haven’t any problem