Scheduling downtime for HOST and ALL services associated


Hi -
When I schedule a host for downtime, it should be obvious that all of the service on that host should be put in downtime as well. However, this doesn’t happen and I can’t figure out how to make this happen.

Can anyone help me with this?



Setting host downtime results in no service alerts being sent out for that host. It will still receive status updates and display them on the web page, but you shouldn’t receive service alerts for them. Nagios cgi’s won’t automatically schedule service downtime for all those services…the only easyish way i could see you doing it is making a script that writes to nagios.cmd for every one of the hosts service definitions but that sorta sucks


We’ve written a mass Downtime scheduler that will schedule downtime for all of the services of a host if the host is scheduled for downtime. This helps with our availability numbers, since normally only the notifications get suppressed on a host scheduled downtime. Let me know if you would like this code. It does use the Fruity DB to search for hosts and services, but you could probably write it to just use config files.