Scheduling Group Downtime and Massive Downtime Alerts


Hi all. I have a base Nagios Core 3 install. its pretty much stock with some extra plugins.

Its been running about a year but it alarmed only a couple people. Whenever we did testing I could pop in and stop nagios during large changes or just ignore the emails. However, we are expanding this to production and now it is alarming larger and larger audiences.

I have played with scheduled downtime and it works ok for a single site and server with a few alerts. I put in my scheduled downtime and I get one email with “DOWNTIME START” and this is all well and good.

However, I set scheduled downtime for a GROUP for a massive change tonight. They are working on the main router to all of our remote locations (about 70). I put in scheduled downtime, but I got 70 emails with “DOWNTIME START” in them. That gets annoying to poeple. so I ended up disabling my mail relay to stop the insanity.

Surely, there is a way to put in scheduled downtime for a group and get one group alert and be silent for a few hours while my WAN guy brings the interface up several times over the next few hours without having to disable notifications altogether or stop nagios.


use the parents directive, disable notifications for unreachable hosts and have only one notification for the upstream router.
Shouldn’t this do what you want?