Script to add websites to be monitored


Hello all and thanks in advance
I was wondering if someone else has already spent the time creating a script to add websites to be monitored based on a text file with a list of site names
I have a couple of hundred websites that i need to set up monitoring on i am sick of our old monitoring solution and want to move to nagios. Since at least to start all of the sites monitors will be set up exactly the same i would make sense that if at all possible I save myself several hours and get them set up via a script since teh only think that would change in the config file is host alias and address all of which i alreay have in a CSV file. i have scripted in bash but its been a while since i have done much have been using powershell quite a bit so i am decent at scripting but why reinvent the wheel.
If anyone has a script like this or know where one might be let me know


if you have it in CSV use string functions in any spreadsheet program to create the correct service/hosts definitions :slight_smile: