Selectable notifications


Right now i get all messages, like host is down or service in error when host irealy down. But if host is down, how i can get only message what host is down and not service messages.
example: host1, services 5
And if host1 is down i get 6 notifications, but i like to get only 1, about host1 is down. In that situation i dont want to recive service notifications, cose they are in this case pointless and they are just a spam.

Hope, my text is readable :smiley:




Ok, i just wanted to ask, is this possible to configure nagios like that?


You could try and use an event handler on your host to trigger an external command which disables notifications for the services when it goes hard down (and re-enable them on recovery!). Look at … dlers.html … mand_id=36 … mand_id=35