Sendpage issues

Here’s my issue now, haha. All most up and running!! Sendpage seems to dial out and establish a connection with the TAP gateway however the recipient never gets the page, here is my log.

Dec 8 16:58:47 linux sendpage[3714]: Handling SNPP connection from
Dec 8 16:58:47 linux sendpage[3714]: opening queue for 'rogers’
Dec 8 16:58:47 linux sendpage[3714]: rogers/q113407552703714000: state=Queued, to=abdal, [email protected]:evil:, size=10
Dec 8 16:58:47 linux sendpage[3714]: leaving SNPP client cnxn
Dec 8 16:58:48 linux sendpage[3550]: SNPP connection (pid 3714) finished
Dec 8 16:59:00 linux /USR/SBIN/CRON[3716]: (root) CMD ( rm -f /var/spool/cron/lastrun/cron.hourly)
Dec 8 16:59:12 linux sendpage[3553]: rogers/q113407552503712000: state=Sent, to=abdal, [email protected], size=10
Dec 8 16:59:13 linux sendpage[3553]: rogers/q113407552703714000: state=Sent, to=abdal, [email protected], size=10
Dec 8 16:59:14 linux sendpage[3553]: disconnect: ‘Exit Messages: Please Hangup Now’

Also when it comes to flow control, does rts signify full duplex?

I’ve had to send some users through a different TAP gateway. Perhaps try a different gateway number?

Ok, well here’s my new problem, I have sendpage up and working, it will page the contacts fine. However, nagios will NOT and I mean, will NOT call on sendpage for some reason. In miscommands I specified a notify-by-sendpage command, then I created a contact lets say bob-pager, put in both notification commands to notify-by-sendpage which is supposed to just call on snpp. I specified a contact group with the bob-pager contact in it, and now have that contact group in the for one of my servers. However, this server STILL does notify by e-mail for some stupid reason, it has a mind of its own… I followed this guide … to-p2.html

Try this. For the service that you are going to DOWN and test if it sends out a notification:
Click on Service Detail
Find the service that you are going to test and clik on the service
click on Disable notifications for this service or Enable notifications for this service
If you just clicked on Disable, then clik on Enable now. If you clicked on Enable, then you should be good to go.

It most likely is in the state where you will have to clik disable first. That would logically mean that “gee then it must have been enabled already” But since nagios tends to ignore these values as explained in the url below, it really was NOT Enabled. So cliking on Disable does nothing really. But when you then clik on Enable, it really is enabled now, and should work.

The reason for this is explained here: … tion_notes

You know what it was? It was the “-” character, I had copy/pasted the script and the - was from a Mac, and not being picked up by the command so it was dying. It now works ok, however, I’m not getting a page on recovery of my hosts,that I can live with however… for now.

also, don’t forget to specify your contact groups in your!