Sensatronics system still supported?


Hi all! Last I used the Sensatronics temp monitors with Nagios, it worked fantastically, but it’s been quite a few years since then. I was wondering if the E4/8/16 units were still monitorable using Nagios, and if anyone out there is doing this? They seem to have come up with their own software since I last used it, but I don’t want to create another interface that our NOC has to look at.



Hey there,

No responses to your post yet, so ill give it a go. Totally not sure if there are sensatronic-specific plugins still out there, but i can tell you that if those devices are SNMP-enabled that nagios can monitor them. Grab the plugin called check_snmp (should be part of the nagios-plugins package, or it’ll be on
If theres no SNMP-related documentation on sensatronics website, you’ll have to do an snmpwalk and perhaps get the MiB files associated with sensatronics devices (but i wouldn’t be surprised if their software comes with all that, or could be delved into in order to find out what OID’s you want to query).

Good luck