Service Check Scheduling , Max concurrent Checks please plee


Hello , I am running Nagios on a RHEL 4 , Quad Core Intel Xeon(4 CPU) and 32 Gigs of RAM . I have 2900 Service checks that needs to be checked every minute. Yes Normal Check interval is 1 minute,

I used inter-check delay for Service is 0.01 seconds and reaper frequency is 4. The maximum concurrent checks I gave as 9500. But the performance of Nagios is very poor. The Active Service Latency is 56 seconds (ma:evil: and average also is 45 seconds.

I have ndoutls module which writes all these data into a local database (mysql) using the Unix socket. How can I get the Latency < 1 sec. and the performance being the same with normal check interval every 1minute.

Please help