Service checks remaining in sheduling queue

I have been working with nagios for two years. I monitor about 550 hosts and 700 services. Nagios works OK, but occasionaly, some service checks for some hosts remaining in queue with old “next check” time and are in first positions in queue. Other checks normaly works, but as time passes, there are more and more “old services in queue”. Someting is wrong? I have upgraded nagios to newest version, 7.2.2006 (v2.0). max-concurent-checks I had 20, but now 30, and same problem. Has someone some idea what could be the problem?
Thanks very much.

It’s a good idea, to give yourself a refresher on the docs, to find out all the great things nagios can do, and the little items like the one you pointed out. See this URL for your solution. … d_services

Yes, thank you, I already found that and orphaned_service_check solved my problem :slight_smile:

Ding ding ding ding ding!!! We finally have a winner. Great, it’s not many people who have mentioned that problem, and I have had it enabled for some time now. I did it to prevent getting the exact problem you described.