Service config



I want to registrer a passive service, but when i do this i do not see it in my web interface. Also i get the following error in my nagios.log:

[blockquote]Warning: Passive check result was received for service ‘TestMessage’ on host ‘localhost’, but the service could not be found![/blockquote]

Who can give me a push in the right direction? Bellow are my config settings.


My templates.cfg is:

define service{ use generic-service name passive_service active_checks_enabled 0 passive_checks_enabled 1 # We want only passive checking flap_detection_enabled 0 register 0 # This is a template, not a real service is_volatile 0 check_period 24x7 max_check_attempts 1 normal_check_interval 5 retry_check_interval 1 check_freshness 0 contact_groups admins check_command check_java_service!0 notification_interval 120 notification_period 24x7 notification_options w,u,c,r stalking_options w,c,u }

My service.cfg is:

[code]define service{
use passive_service
service_description TestMessage
host_name localhost


My commands.cfg is:

[code]define command{
command_name check_java_service
#command_line $USER1$/check_java_service
command_line /usr/local/nagios/libexec/submit_check_result $HOSTNAME$ ‘$SERVICEDESC$’ $SERVICESTATE$ '$SERVICEOUT$



I found the answer. service.cfg must be services.cfg…