Service dependencies


I would like to achive the following set up with two of my services, and I think it is possible with service dependencies but Im not sure as I only used them for the first time yesterday.

In plain English:

I have two services which are http requests on out website

1 - check http and follow redirect
2 - check https scedule

1 is a simple http and follow redirect
2 is a query on a ssl java page, which is essentially a query on our db

Heres what I need to do:

#Check 2, if this is ok take no action, and dont check 2.

#If 2 is CRITICAL, then check 1

#If 1 is CRITICAL, then send out an alert only for 1
#If 1 is OK then send out and alert to say 2 is CRITICAL but not about 1

I have managed to achive the first bit (check 2 and if ok dont check 1) but i am having difficulty working the rest out in my head with service dependencies. Are service dependencies the best thing to achive this?