Service escalations


I have two groups of servers, one group is notified by contact group A which has the hours of 9am-6pm. The second group is notified by contact group B which has the hours of 6am-3pm. If there is a notification sent for the servers watched by contact group A between 6am-9pm I want a notification sent to contact group B, and the same thing to happen for the afternoon. The only way I can think of to do this is creating duplicate users with different notification periods, make a new 6am-9pm morning group and then add that contact group to the services. Is there a better way?


Yes there is a better way.
For each user, specify in the contact.cfg what hours apply to that person. Then create 2 groups, i.e. shift1 and shift2. For each service check that applies in services.cfg, specify shift1 AND shift2 for the contact groups. Notifications will be sent TO BOTH groups all the time. But of course, if a person in that contact group has stated “9-5PM only”, then of course, he won’t get notified.
Sound good?