Service Group error with new host config file


Hello all,

I am getting a concurrent error with a new script file that I have written for a new external Linux host in Nagios. the error is as follows:

Error: Servicegroup members must be specified in <host_name>,<service_description> pairs (config file '/usr/local/nagios/etc/server.cfg', starting on line 38)

Here is the part of the file where the error code is coming from:

define servicegroup{
        servicegroup_name         generic-service
        alias                                Generic Services
        members                         larry

FYI, line “38” starts the the “define servicegroup” line. I have checked the members over and over and have no success in resolving this error. Is it something to do with the host name, which I have placed under members of the service group, or is there something totally different that I am missing here? I can post the rest of the config file if that will be of help, let me know.

Thanks for the help!!!


In members area you have to put service name (which is in your case larry) followed by the service description, as for all other services you wish to merge in this servicegroup. Something like this:

members larry,larry_service_description,service_name2,service_description2,service_name3,service_description3


ok cool, thanks that worked. I have been trying to define the commands, but I have been having difficulties. I have been using the following site which is great, but it only gives you the different switches and such that you can use for each command:

Is there a good site that you know of that gives the actual configuration part of the commands for nagios?