Service Groups in Nagios 2.x

I’m trying to find some info on the Service groups part to Nagios but I can’t seem to find any references to it or example configs.

Is this even in the documentation? :shock:

Try this link:

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PS: I just noticed you are speaking of 2.0 so ignore my crap below.
Service groups in 2.0 are explained here: … rvicegroup

There are no service groups, only host groups and contactgroups. If a service fails, the host check must be performed and if the host check fails, then the people in the contact group for the hostgroup that this host belongs to, will be notified. But if only the service check fails, you could have it notify a completey different contact group than what the host would

Wrap your head around it like this perhaps.
Your hardware techs no nothing about software and likewise for the software techs. All techs have agreed that if a host check fails, then hardware techs are notified and if a service check fails, then a software tech is notified.
HostA and hostb have a ftpd service check and a httpd service check. HostA and hostb are defined as “members” in the hostgroup.cfg file under a hostgroup called “internet-servers” and the “contact_groups” for that hostgroup is defined as “hardware_techs”.

The services.cfg file contains a definition for the ftpd and httpd service checks. For each of these checks a “contact_groups” is defined as “software_techs”.

So you see, your service checks CAN BE grouped. You simply have to decide who is going to be notified for what type of problem.

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Im sorry about my post too. Nevermind that. Its from Docs Nagios 1.0