Service Handlers and Remote Hosts


I’m trying to setup Nagios such that if it detects that apache has stopped or is no longer responding that it will execute a script to restart apache.

After muddling through setting up sudo (I’m not extremely proficient when it comes to the really geeky side of Linu:evil: I managed to get Nagios to kick off an event handler on the local machine to restart apache when I stop it. So at least I know I have a working script to accomplish that part of my goal. I have also managed to get NRPE to work on another box and can do the NRPE-based checks using check_nrpe.

So, all that being said, what is the best route for me to take? I’m thinking that I’ll need to have either NRPE or NCSA on the box I want to be able to bounce apache on, but how do I get Nagios to kick of the script that way?


On remote 'nix type machines, I install a mini nagios setup and send the output via nsca to the Central nagios server.
So, the way I would do it is to setup a mini nagios on your linux box, with no cgi’s/html/etc. The checks on the remote machine running apache would be run via that nagios setup. The checks that fail, would then fire off the eventhandler and restart apache.
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