Service_Message struct 528 bytes


Warning: Size of service_message struct (528 bytes) is > POSIX-guaranteed atomic write size (512 bytes). Service checks results may get lost or mangled!

Server: Gentoo
nagios version: 2.04B
AMD 64

Hi Everyone:

i am getting the following message error when trying to run nagios. It runs but I am concerned about this message. does anyone have a solution to this problem or something I might have overlooked.


Your servi ce check results are too large is my guess. Is there any way you can make it shorter? For example: doing a disc check for one filesystem, instead of all filesystems with one command. The “all filesystems” check may be too lage of an output. Doing just one filesystem the output would be much shorter. Post the output of your service check. I bet it’s cut off.


I’m getting this one too, even when I run “nagios -v” with the sample config file, so it’s not to do with any single service message.

uname -a

Linux sgiadm01 2.6.13-15.8-smp #1 SMP Tue Feb 7 11:07:24 UTC 2006 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

cat /etc/SuSE-release

SUSE LINUX 10.0 (X86-64)
VERSION = 10.0

Nagios version 2.0

Maybe to do with compiling on 64 bit machines?


It doesn’t appear to be serious, if nagios is running. Why anyone would want ouput that large anyway? That shouldn’t be a concern unless you actually have a reason to have ouput that is as long as a short novel.