Service wont go away


I have been using nagios sucessufully for about 3 months now…no major problems thanks in part to this site.

however now I do have a minor irritation…

I have removed a service check on one particular host from the config file, yet when i reload Nagios, it reappears on the web interface and is reloaded in the object file. I have searched through all of my config files to see if by chance i accidentally cut and pasted it in another file, but its not there. What would cause this one service to continually re appear?


try stopping nagios, opening up your status.dat (do an ‘updatedb’ then ‘locate status.dat’) and deleting any entries pertaining to that service, then starting up nagios again.

other than that, it must be somewhere in your configs. Do a ‘grep ./*’ in your config directory, then open up each file you find in vi (vi filename.cfg). you can search in vi by typing /whateverword and hitting enter.
did you make sure it isn’t sitting in the host_name list for that service definition, along with a bunch of other hosts?


Thanks for your help. I knew it was something simple. Your response prompted me to check my host-group listings, and lo-and-behold the host in question was listed in the wrong host group which was getting that service checked.


glad i could help!