Servicegroup availibility reports



I have a service check going to on one nagios server and the same thing on another nagios server for http. In my servicegroups.cfg file i have it setup as:

define servicegroup{
servicegroup_name test
alias HTTP
members server1,

When i pull up a service group availibility report and leave everything as undetermined, i get 100% in the undetermined column even though the check has been reporting as OK for a week now. But on my other nagios server where i have the identical setup the it shows as 100% up.

With two mirrored setups on two different servers, what is going wrong? Also how should i run these reports in reference to the First assumed host state: and the First assumed service state. When i leave them as undetermined on the working server, i get 100% uptime but on the broken server i get 100% downtime.