Setting downtime by external command fails


I use this script : [=161](hyperlink url) to set up reccuring downtimes.
I have made all neccessary changes, and scripts seems to be working fine, but nagios do not reflects the command passed by this script to nagios command file.

I can see in log that nagios accepted the command but new downtime is not scheduled.
Here is what i see in log for commad passed by script:
[17-05-2007 09:43:05] EXTERNAL COMMAND: SCHEDULE_HOST_DOWNTIME;zed;1179353340;1179360440;1;0;7100;nagiosadmin;comment

And when I try to schedule downtime manually I can see this:

[17-05-2007 09:53:41] EXTERNAL COMMAND: SCHEDULE_HOST_DOWNTIME;zed;1179355993;1179359593;1;0;7200;nagiosadmin;coment

When I schedule downtime manually it usually works.Not always.

Could someone help me and tell me what could cause that command passed to nagios by external script do not work.

I use nagios 2.5 on gentoo.

Thanks for help.