Should Icons defined in show up on


I’ve defined the 2d coords for my network and assigned each node an icon.

When I view the 2d map in statusmap I still see only the squares and circles that I previously had in the circular(marked up) view. I can’t find a screenshot that shows the non-standard icons in the statusmap, so I don’t know if this is possible.

The icons that I selected do appear in the detail “popup” when I hover over the node. I want the icons to appear instead of the default circles and squares. Here’s an example from my hostextinfo.cfg.

define hostextinfo {
host_name bbn-ma-sw
icon_image my_hub.gif
statusmap_image my_hub.gd2
2d_coords 740,725

Any tips, tricks, or things not to forget when trying to implement this?

Nagios 2.5




The images must live in nagios/share/images/logos/ and must have read for all.
If that is all good, then perhaps your gd2 image is not any good. Check your apache error log for errors.


Those were good suggestions. I spent the afternoon checking all the permissions on folders and on all the files in the image and image/logo directories. No luck.

I also checked the httpd/error.log and it had no mention of these errors. Also a good suggestion - thanks.

Can you confirm that I should have the icons instead of the squares when I click user defined coords in status map? Maybe I have the wrong idea of what I should be expecting. I get a layout that uses the same “icons” as the circular (marked up) choice provides.

I want (or wonder if I should get) one that uses the same icons that I selected using - shows these when I edit them, but not in user defined coords. Thanks for the information . Have a good day.



edit and make sure it says:
my $imgpath="/usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos/"


Thank you very much for your reply.

I don’t have a /usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos directory. I’m using FC 4, and have installed the their “standard” using yum…

My images/logo directory is

/usr/share/nagios/html/images/logos finds the correct icons and inserts the correct filenames into my hostextinfo.cfg file as I expected it to.


OK, so make sure points to that directory. What I am attempting to make sure of, is that is looking at the same icons as nagios. Yes, may be updating your hostextinfo.cfg correctly, but then nagios can’t find the filename, because is looking in the wrong folder for.
So, double check it to be sure.