Single SMS notification from nagios


Hi all,

We have a bunch of servers that are monitored using nagios. We also have an internal SMS server that we use for notifications of our ERP software.
I would like to use it for nagios as well, but I don’t want to be SMS-spammed whenever a host goes down (for example 20 checks go critical at once)

What I want to do is let nagios send 1 (one) e-mail message to our SMS server whenever ANYTHING goes wrong to inform me by SMS to check nagios… So it doens’t matter if 1 or 100 services/hosts go critical… I always want to receive a single SMS telling me to get my ass to my computer to check nagios for more info.

Any ideas on how to do this will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


escalations. EDIT. Ok, not enough when I re-read. You could probably get it to work with dependencies.