SMS to a cellphone directly connected

Is there a method to get Nagios to send sms messages to a cellphone directly connected to it’s linux box’s serial port?
Any comments appreciated…

Could you not just Pipe the output to the port ??? so instead of /usr/bin/mail… you just /dev/ttyS0 in the misccommands.cfg file.

Not 100% on that as I have never done it but sounds like it should work !!!
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I’ve heard using bluetooth works really well, but this may not be an option for you.

i hear of people using gnokii but have not ever talked to someone who’s successfully implemented it. Does anyone have real expericnce implementing gmokii?

Do a search in the forums for it. About a month ago there was a thread going on where someone talked about having used it.

Yes, gnokii is a good method for this. The documentation of gnokii also includes lists of compatible mobile phones and serial cables.