SMTP Plugin


Hi All,
I’m a newbie so PLEASE flame off!! :cry:

I am in need of a plugin that will connect to a smtp server via a source address that I need to input from the command line. The smtp_check plugin does have a from option, however it is sent out via the default interface so that doesn’t help me.

I am think I need to use a telnet -b command in a script to use source and destination addresses connecting to port 25.

Any ideas, plugins, scripts or should I just break out the 357 and end the suffering? :o

Any help would be greatly appreciated



create a script which does what you need from command line, make it executable and call it with a check_command.



Thanks, I have a script created. However, which check_command should be used? Is there one for external scripts? Also, will the critical/warning states be included?

Thanks again



What you will need to do (I think) is within your checkcommands.cfg file (or similiar) add something like the following:

define command{ command_name check_<somename> command_line $USER1$/<scriptname> <scriptarguments> }

Take a look at your checkcommands.cfg file to get an idea.

Hope this helps.