SNMP MIB Compilation


I want to compile the MIB’s from our Firewall (A Fortigate) into my Nagios server in order to make sense of the SNMP traps i am recieving to the Nagios server. Problem is I dont know how to load and compile the “Fortinet trap MIB” - I have the file but have never compiled MIBs before I just check OID’s in my other checks. Has anybody done this?


Nope, but can’t you download the mibs from the vendor? On any of our switches/routers/etc, I’ve simply went to the vendor site and grabbed the mibs from them.


Yes I have downloaded the file “fortinet.trap.2.80.mib” in order to “translate” the SNMP traps. But in the FortiGate documentation it says -
“The FortiGate agent can send traps to SNMP managers that you have added to SNMP communities. For SNMP managers to receive traps, you must load and compile the Fortinet trap MIB (file name fortinet.trap.2.80.mib) onto the SNMP manager”

I cant find any documentation on how to do this. I will keep searching and post it if I find it…


You can do this with snmptt, check their website I think they have a nice tutorial which explains how to use it with nagios.