SNMP plugin request: Nortell; all configured swap spaces; Sy


I’m slowly building my some of my own plugins, but it takes time… so is there anyone who can help me out with the following plugins?

  • check swap filespace via snmp. I got two of them, they can see the swap space, but they don’t seem to see the extra swap files and extra swap volumes that are configured on some of our linux server.
  • Nortell plugins, especially for switches 5510/5520. and the passports…
  • symbol wireless switches via snmp-> check if an accesspoint is up (I found one one nagiosechange, but this one is for the old firmware of the switches, new firmware, complete new snmp mib’s).
  • montoring network traffic on an interface via snmp. I found a couple of plugins, but I don’t seem to to be able to get them working properly with nice humanly understandable output.

Thanx guys!