SNMP Uptime with Warning and Critical Level


For now i’m testing with this command:

./check_snmp -H -C public -o . --delimiter=’)’ -P 2c -l “Uptime is”

But I want that if the uptime is between 0 and 5 min that it is a critical level and between 5 min and 10 min a waring level.

I know that I must use -w and -c but how do I specify a range?


by default warnings and critical levels are increasing counters… so you could have a warning level LOWER than the critical… i don’t know if it’s possible to have the inverse…
you could try with the regex option… something like “if uptime is only one digit”.



-c max:min -w max:min
in your case -c 5:0 -w 10:6
./check_snmp --help shows this.