Solaris 10 and nrpe client


I seen at least one thread this issue.

does anyone know of how to get this work.

Curently I am running the Nagios server on Linux, my clients are Linux and Solaris 9 boxes, BUT I have 2 Solaris 10 boxes in which I can not get the nrpe process to start. I am assuming it is a Solaris 10 thing.
Has anyone sucessfully got the nrpe client to work with Solaris 10, is it not possible? All other servers are up and communicating with the Nagios server except my 2 Solaris 10 boxes. Any help would be appreciated.



I’m only running nrpe on 30 or so Solaris 8 servers, but did you check if anything was logged in /var/adm/messages?

Did you run into any errors compiling?


I did not see any compile errors, I used the same procedure I used on my Solaris 9 boxes, those are running as expected.


Solaris 10 on sparc or intel?


it must of been just user error, on my part,I was able to get the nrpe client to work just fine on S10. I guess another trip to the eye doctor is needed.

it is on sparc.


hi could you please help me or share your document for configuring in solaris 9 i am stucked up there i don’t know how to start nrpe daemon in solaris9 mine sparc need help please