[SOLVED]NRPE_NT Could not complete SSL Handshake Grrrr


(excuse my bad english)
I’ve a SSL problem…

On Nagios’ server :

  • openssl 0.9.7f
  • check_nrpe


  • I have installed openssl 0.9.7f

  • a server NRPE : nrpe_nt (version 0.8)

  • Service nrpe works

  • My Nagios IP is authorized

  • I can connect with telnet on port 5666.

But still have a “Could not complete SSL Handshake.”

I’ve tried to install nrpe_nt with the option -n but i’ve got “CRC32” and"Invalid Request" errors :x

When I execute : nrpe_nt --help
I’ve got:
“SSL Available, Anonymous DH mode , OpenSSL 0.9.7e” :expressionless:

I don’t understand : I have installed OpenSSL 0.9.7f … :shock:

Someone can help me, please ?

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Well never mind, I tried without ssl on BOTH SIDE
./configure --disable-ssl on nagios plugin
and nrpe_nt -i -n
but still not wooorrrrrrkkkksss…:
I’ve got “CRC32” and “Invalid Request” errors


It works !!! I have downloaded the latest plugin nrpe