Spacing on 3d map/status map help


ok i have a rather large map that i would like to space out …
outter circles are servers inner routers…

I want to change the coords of the routers to move them farther out …

I have tried to specify coords but i am having some troubles, they dont seem to move …

Has anyone had experience doing this ? obv i dont know what im doing :smiley: (see attachment)



Wow, you weren’t kidding about a big map! If you have the mysql version of nagios installed (available on debian) you have to change the hostextinfo table in the nagios database to get your 3d map like you want it. Also, check that the default_statuswrl_layout line in the cgi.cfg file =0. This will set the default 3d view to user defined coordinates. I have about 60 hosts set up this way in the 3d map.
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Also forgot to mention that you will need to specify coordinates for everything if you set default_statuswrl_layout=0 . Otherwise only the hosts you specified coordinates for will show up.


Depends on how you configured nagios. If like me,
./configure --with-mysql-comments --with-mysql-status --with-template-extinfo --with-mysql-retention --with-template-objects --with-mysql-downtime --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib/mysql --with-mysql-inc=/usr/include/mysql
Then the coordinates are defined in hostextinfo.cfg


[quote=“moore.speed”]…I have about 60 hosts set up this way in the 3d map…

ok specifying user coords with the option set to 0 works, but is there anyway to do a mixed mode … I have over 600 hosts and applying user coords is gonna be a p.i.t.a. unless i script it. is there anyway to group or just supply usercoords for the routers and let it autobalance the ones after that ? cause that would be cool :smiley:

thanks for your help …



if you don’t supply coordinates, then nagios will “auto” position them. If you want to do it right, then get nagiosmap, and set it up the way you want it to look. Or do it by hand, but I find nagiosmap something I can’t do without.


I just drew a 3D coordinate system, mapped out some points and moved every floor of devices up one in the y axis, keeping x and z the same. That would be a PITA with as many devices as you have…I tried having it autobalance, but only the devices I specified coordinates for showed up. The others may have been outside my field of view, didn’t really look around too much. According to the nagiosexchange page for nagiosmap, “This is a Perl/Tk app desined to work with Nagios that allows you to graphically create 2-D coordinates for the statusmap CGI by dragging hosts around.” Can you use this for 3d mapping? I really didnt check for such a program when I was mapping out my network…if this can do 3d, I wish I did! If not, I think the easiest way would be to do what I did, and just set up the network in repeating fashion so you don’t have to figure out and change a bunch of really confusing coordinates. I will try to include a pic of part of my setup (i guess its more like 41 hosts than 60).


I never tried it for the 3d. What could it hurt? Oh man, I’ll be sorry I said that for sure.


Here is a kinda scaled down version of my status map made with nagiosmap.


Well having it in 3d with the right vrml viewer in ie gives you a good spin on it , especially when you can fly around nagios. brings a whole new level to having fun at work.