SSI Files not being read



I am using nagios 3.2 on RHEL 5.3 I’ve compiled and installed nagios 3.2 so that the web directory is /usr/share/nagios In that directory there is a ssi directory with .ssi files in it. These files are not being read by anything (i’ve checked the frame source). I’ve tried common-header.ssi and common-footer.ssi as well as status-header.ssi and i get nothing… Does anyone have any ideas on where i might be able to go from here to troubleshoot?



i don’t understand your problem… :confused:

what are these SSI files?
What fo you want to do and how.

Sorry. :slight_smile:




i don’t know why you compiled nagios to use /usr/share/nagios as web directory… doesn’t make any sense… but there should be an SSI directory in your nagiso install and the files have to go there.

In a standard nagios install it’s /usr/local/nagios/share/ssi so provbably a “locate ssi” could already be enough.


locate ssi pointed me to the /usr/share/nagios directory, i made nagios a rpm by doing rpmbuild -ta nagios-3.2.0.tar.gz and that is where it decided to put nagios


ouch… RPM… :confused:

do you have a /usr/share/nagios/ssi directory? if locate ssi points you there… if not there’s not much to do…
I don’t know how much stuff you have in your nagios, but i’d really recommend you scratch that install (save the cfg files) and install from source as explained in the docs

It’s really way easier to get help.


Any times you are having these kinds of issues with SSI, it is an indication to start from scratch if you have that kind of availability. There are also a number of data recovery methods available. There is software, hardware, and independent application you can run in order to fix your registries or restore missing files, so these kinds of methods might prevent having to start over completely, although that is my recommendation. Have you heard of