Status.cgi consuming too much CPU


Hi All,

I am new to Nagios and would like some suggestions on resolving the latest issue on Nagios latency. We have 2 Nagios servers in our organization Server 1 & Server2. We are facing the latency issues on Server 1. When we go to the performance information, I see…

<= 1 minute: 796 (11.3%)
<= 5 minutes: 5448 (77.0%)
<= 15 minutes: 7072 (100.0%)

However its normal in the second server. When I go to the Server1 and run #top, I see that status.cgi is consuming a lot of CPU. I have researched a lot of blogs and tried testing my configuration file but to no luck. Even I tried running ./status.cgi locally and I couldn’t see any error. Can anyone suggest some other things to check? I have added the output of the #./status.cgi. Also, I have included my nagios.cfg file and httpd.conf.

Please help!!!


Can anyone help me with this? The config files are in the zipped file attached…
Please help me