Status map, trends and alert histogram



i’m using solaris 8 and installed the gd libraries and jpeg as packages. i can’t seem to access these 3 links.

pls help


most probably ./configure complained about missing or not found GD libraries… there are some other threads about this, have a look aound in the forum.



If you can’t find anything, you might also post a bit more info than “I can’t seem to access these 3 links”, i.e.: “When I click on 3-D Status Map, a download window appears instead of the page loading.” We could use more info to help you out.
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i downloaded the plugin for 3-d status map and it’s already working fine. the status map is the one that im having problem with. i’m using solaris 8 and i installed the necessary files as packages and not from the source file.

pls help


“pls help” won’t bring you any further than here…
I already told you what to check…



In other words, this is a common problem and has been discussed many times. Search this forum, and try those suggestions first.